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Phoa Yan Tiong
The Magician



Life is a cycle of changes, like a coming and going of seasons. This idea is worked out in one of the oldest books
in the world, l CHING — THE BOOK OF THE ETERNAL CYCLE OF CHANGES, which says:

"Owing  to the motion  of creative and receptive  powers  (receptive
faculty), everything assumes its form, changes and takes on anotherform.

'                By the interaction of those two powers, everything is transformed — aconversion leading to perfection."

In other words, one ought to learn and comprehend the balance between action and non-action.
Confucius says:

"Some were born with knowledge, some will acquire knowledge by study and some will acquire knowledge only after a painful confrontationwith their own ignorance.

But in whatever way acquired, knowledge will lead to the same end."

For professional  knowledge,  however,  dear colleagues,  three factors  are  of predominant importance.
Correct  learning,   perseverance  and  native  capacity.  The  first  of the three,correct learning, is the most important factor. Without it, there is no way tosucceed.
But even if all the conditions of a correct training are fulfilled, successcan only be achieved by perseverance. 
Native capacity will not play a roleuntil the two other conditions have been met.

You will now understand why l named the trilogy about my practical magie art —after a 25 years' experience —
THE SEASONS and why l have entered intodetail on the smallest facets of it.

Nothing is as transitory as success. l hope that this booklet will do its littlebit to help you to grow beyond your successes by a cycle of changes leadingto perfection.

Phoa Yan Tiong